What client says about me


Smitha is a very good yoga teacher.she has immense knowledge about yoga and how a human body works.se never refrains from sharing this knowledge in class.with her experience she is able to cure us of any pain ust by doing the asanas. i have been learning from her for past 2 years and i see lot of improvement in every system in my body especially the digestive system i can proudly say that yoga has helped me improve my concentration,immunity fitness and emotions.she is very sincere and gradually pushes us to difficult asanas.i enjoy her classes and i am thankful that i found the right yoga teacher for myself. conguratulations smitha for your PhD and all the achievements so far ! wishing you many more sucess in life !
Subhala Suresh
I entered in to world of yoga at a stage in life, where I started feeling the need of investing more on myself. It wiped out my perception that physical activities are meant only for those who wanted a weight reduction. Putting effort in learning from this community, has helped me a lot to discover more about myself. I understand the meaning of self love and how important it is, to spend time nurturing your inner self. Over last 15 months many things changed... from painful joints and weak body to being able to do shoulder stands.. from complaining about my worries to taking responsibility of my feelings... Thank you Smitha Mam for making me realize how important it is to love and embrace myself and the world around me.
Navya Santhosh
I’ve been attending yoga classes at Five Points for close to 1 year now, online. Smitha mam is a great teacher. She gives very clear direction and is always careful to make sure you are doing each pose correctly. She injects her own amazing personality with just enough philosophy to create a relaxing and calm environment. Even though I was a beginner, within a few classes I felt that I had the measure of the basic postures. When I joined her class I knew absolutely nothing about yoga, but I now have a solid understanding of physical alignment and generally the way my own body moves. As I got to grips with the things I can and can’t do, she gently pushed me to develop, always knowing when I was capable of doing a new pose before I realised it myself. Her directions are clear and precise so you’re not looking up to check you’re doing the right thing, and she’s very observant, constantly checking your positioning. Her classes are truly for all levels, and although you’ve worked hard you’ll somehow come out relaxed. The classes are stand alone, but if you attend regularly it is more of a course moving through different focuses which I love, adding new techniques every week to get more from each pose as you progress, as well as exploring new ones
Adarsh venkideswaran
Smitha is an excellent yoga teacher.She made us understand that Yoga is a mind and body practice. I am really happy that I joined her class .It’s been five months I am in her class .Smitha is an expert in teaching various styles of yoga that includes physical postures, breathing techniques,meditation & relaxation.I could feel a complete change in my body . My body is very flexible now. I can feel weight loss especially in my abdomen & hip . She helps us learn different asanas without any difficulty .Her Yoga classes makes me feel more calm and relaxed ,really enjoy being in her class .Her thoughts about Yoga & Yoga asanas are really inspiring to all of us.She makes us feel very comfortable in her classes . One of the most useful thing she gave me was a Spiral ring that completely cured shivering of my hand.I’m really thankful to Smitha for that spiral massage ring. Smitha,Congratulations on all ur achievements and wishing you all the best and success always.
I have known ms Smitha Pillai ,5points group of concerns since 10 years . She has come a long way by achieving incredibly well. She have made herself a PhD scholar in yoga and placed herself in the judging panel of Kelo India held in Bangalore recently. She is a international yoga instructor who travelled to many countries on special invitations. Hats off to this wonderful woman who dedicated her life for yoga and wellness education. All the very best for future achievements.
Rashmi Natraj
Mam, earlier I was not able to do the stretches to that much extent. But with your systematic approach and teaching skills i.myself feel.very much relaxed in doing stretches and all the asanas. Even though it is very difficult for a person of my age to do , but the inspirations and positivity of yours is the guiding force. Thank you Mam. May you blessed to spread yoga to a lot more. Athma namasthe

Namaste, myself Suraja Pillai. I have been practicing yoga under the guidance of Smitha Pillai since last 5 years and I must say it's a blessing being her student. Her yoga classes are a complete package of quality teaching, interesting interaction among student n teacher, easy and perfect practicing of yoga asanas above all her attitude towards life is what we are proud of being her student. 🙏🏻

Suraja Pillai
Hello… I am Aparna… I have studied yoga for 6 months from Smita mam…. .Yoga has helped me a lot to get rid of all that….and I have lost a lot of weight and slimmed down….everything mam tells me is very valuable….if we follow it we will be successful….personally I am The person has changed a lot.... Thank you Smitha mam...

Iam doing my yoga sessions with Five points for almost 10 months..initially I was more interested in my weight loss and started yoga as a means of exercise only..but now I'm also focusing on my mental health..we get a deeper knowledge about yoga from Five points, by which we can rejuvenate our mind and body after a stressful day.
Dr. Jipsa Venugopal