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At  Five  Points  Yoga  Studio,  we  believe  in  nurturing  creativity  and  imagination in  every  child.  Our  Drawing Classes  offer  a  diverse  range  of  artistic  experiences,  ensuring  a  holistic  development  in  the  world  of  art.  With  a  blend  of  traditional  techniques  and  innovative  approaches,  we  guide  young  minds  to  express  themselves  through  various  forms  of  visual  art.  

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Drawing Class at Five Points Yoga Studio

Drawing Class

Unleash  your  child’s  potential  through  our foundational  drawing  class.  From  basic  shapes to  intricate  compositions   we  focus  on  building a  strong  artistic  foundation.

Painting At Five Points Yoga Studio


Dive  into  the  world  of  colors  and  textures.  Our  painting classes  cover  a  spectrum  of styles,  including  acrylic,  oil,  and watercolor,  allowing  young artists  to  explore  their preferences.

Water Color At Five Points Yoga Studio

Water color

Explore  the  enchanting  medium of  watercolors.  Learn  techniques to  create  vibrant  and  ethereal masterpieces  that  capture  the beauty  of  imagination.

Drawing Class at Five Points Yoga Studio

Akrylic Painting

Acrylics  offer  versatility  and vibrancy.  In  this  class , students will  discover  the  dynamic possibilities  of  acrylic  paints, creating  bold  and  expressive works  of  art.

Five points Yoga Studio Drawing Class

Outdoor Painting

Take  the  creativity  outdoors!  Our outdoor  painting  sessions  allow  children to draw  inspiration  from  nature,  turning the  world  into  their  canvas.

Drawing Class At Five Points Yoga Studio


Engage  in  the  meditative  art  of sketching.  Learn  how  to  find peace  and  tranquility  through the  strokes  of  a  pencil,  fostering mindfulness  and  concentration.


Why Choose Five Points Drawing Classes?

Expert Instructors

Our experienced  instructors  are passionate  about  nurturing creativity  and  providing individualized  attention  to  each child. 

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Holistic Approach

We believe  in  a  holistic approach  to  art  education, encouraging  self – expression, critical  thinking,  and the  joy  of creating. 

Inspiring Environment

The  Five  Points  Yoga  Studio provides  a  conducive  and inspiring  environment  for  young artists  to  flourish.



Join us on a journey of artistic discovery at Five Points Yoga Studio. Let your child’s creativity soar to new heights!